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Super Suds Has a New Payment System!

Super Suds Card

We just converted from tokens to a card system. You can use cash, credit cards, debit cards, or ApplePay to purchase your card! We are giving substantial bonuses when you purchase a card. If you put $20 on your card, you will receive $22 on your card. If you purchase $30, you will receive an additional $3.00 on your card. If you buy $50, you will receive an additional $5.00 credit. 

Our well-trained attendants will teach you how to purchase the cards and how to use them! It is so much easier than putting in lots of tokens in a washing machine or dryer. Just press the settings on the washing machine and swipe the card and the machine will start. 

We look forward to your coming in. We'll teach you what you need to know! And the bonuses will help keep your laundry day affordable!