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Best Laundromat In Long Beach

Pile of clothes on laundry cart

Long Beach is home to nearly ONE HUNDRED LAUNDROMATS and Super Suds is widely considered to be the best Laundromat in Long Beach.  Super Suds has two hundred machines and is over 8,000 square feet.  There are always multiple attendants throughout the day to help customers and keep it clean.  Super Suds has been featured in American Coin-Op and Long Beach Business Journal.  

Row of washing machines

In addition to providing a top notch self serve experience, Super Suds offers full service wash and fold services too.  Every year, Super Suds washes and folds hundreds of thousands of pounds of laundry for its customers, both residential and commercial.  As a result of its thriving wash and fold business, Super Suds created its own software to keep its wash and fold orders organized.  Before this software, laundromats used pen and paper tickets.  Super Suds brought the laundry process to the digital age and customers are automatically notified by text message when their laundry is ready for pickup.  

Laundry attendant folding laundry in a cart

At the same time, the demand for pickup and delivery began increasing and Super Suds built its wash and fold software to handle pickup and delivery.  The wash and fold POS and pickup and delivery software is branded Curbside Laundries and is now being licensed at over 500 laundromats across the United States.  After Super Suds closes to the public at night time, the pickup and delivery wash and fold orders are processed.  At any given time up to five Super Suds vans are driving throughout LA and Orange County picking up laundry from residential homes and commercial businesses.  Laundry owners across the country visit Super Suds in Long Beach to see how it is done.  We are very grateful for the community's support.  

Multiple trucks in parking lot