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Premier Laundromat with Pick Up Laundry Service

Super Suds is the largest laundromat in Long Beach. Our fully attended laundromat has over 200 commercial machines.  We specialize in wash and fold and dry cleaning for residential and commercial clients. Try our pickup and delivery laundry service to simplify your already busy life. 

Per Pound

** $25 Minimum Order

Per Pound (Same Day)

** $25 Minimum Order

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pickups
One-Time Pickup

Wash & Fold

  • Regular Twin/Full Comforter $18.00
  • Regular Queen/King Comforter $25.00
  • Down Twin/Full Comforter $25.00
  • Down Queen/King Comforter $30.00
  • Regular Pillows $6.00
  • Down Pillows $10.00
  • Regular Sleeping Bags $18.00
  • Down Sleeping Bags $25.00

* As a result of increased expenses, we will be adding a $2.50 fuel surcharge to each order starting on January 15th.

About Us

Super Suds is a family owned community based laundromat serving the Long Beach and surrounding areas. We are the largest laundromat in the area and are fully attended to help you with your needs. We have over 200 machines to choose from, we offer wash and fold where we do the laundry for you and we offer free pickup and delivery service for both residential and commercial clients.

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$5 OFF Laundry Pickup and Delivery

Use the promo code "DELIVERY" while using our online scheduling tool. To schedule your wash and fold pickup click here