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Laundry Service & Laundromat Pricing

At Super Suds we offer several different ways to do your laundry so no matter your budget you can still afford to have clean laundry. Our laundromat prices and laundry service costs are fair and affordable. 

Super Suds Laundry Pricing

Wash and Fold Laundry Service Prices:

No matter what option you choose, your clothes will be returned to you with a smile, fresh and clean! None of the work, all the satisfaction, so much extra time for you to go do you.

Wash & Fold

Next Day

$ 1.99 /lb

Same Day

$ 2.24 /lb

**$25 minimum

Pickup & Delivery

Recurring Delivery

$ 1.99 /lb

One-Time Delivery

$ 2.09 /lb

**$45 minimum + $2.50 Fuel Surcharge Added to Every Order

Individual Laundry Prices:

Comforter (Regular)

Twin/Full: $18.00

Queen/King: $25.00

Comforter (Down)

Twin/Full: $25.00

Queen/King: $30.00


Regular: $6.00

Down: $10.00

Sleeping Bags

Regular: $18.00

Down: $25.00

Laundromat Cost Per Load:

Our washing machines range in price from $3.00 for our double loaders to $10 for our 80 pound machines. Super Suds offers a range of equipment and pricing to meet your needs. Ask one of our attendants to assist you in choosing which one is right for you.

  • 29 Double Loaders
  • 22 Triple Loaders
  • 10 40-Pounders
  • 5 50-Pounders
  • 9 60-Pounders
  • 3 HUGE 80-Pounders

Our Dryers

  • 30 lb: $.25 for 6 minutes
  • 45 lb: $.25 for 5 minutes

Commercial Laundry:

The laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you want us to do for you, what type of laundry it is, and how often you need us each week. For a quote, email us: or call us: (562) 436-1859.