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Super Suds offers commercial laundry services with Ozone! Ozone kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It is included FREE with our laundry service. Hospitals use this same system for sanitizing. You can’t get a cleaner, more sanitary wash anywhere! Read more about it and see all the benefits Ozone has for your commercial laundry.

Super Suds has plenty of machines with industrial-sized load capacity—80lb washers and 75lb dryers—big enough to handle all of your laundering needs. We offer laundry pickup and delivery to businesses anywhere in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.


Cleanliness is important everywhere, but nowhere more so than in a medical facility. Our medical laundry service will take care of laundry for dental offices, medical offices, long term care facilities, hospitals and more. Our ozone system offers hospital grade sanitation.


Restaurants work hard to present a dining room full of crisp linens and a professional wait staff, but diners are messy and spills are common. Let our restaurant laundry service take care of your tablecloths, linen napkins and more. We work with fine dining, catering, country clubs, cafes, bars and any establishment that serves drink and food.


We take great pride in our high quality linen cleaning service. Even if your facility has its own laundry room it may be difficult to keep up with the demand. Let Super Suds take care of some, or all, of your laundry. We work with hotels, resorts, and motels.


Lots of businesses require their employees to wear a uniform. Some get dirtier than others, but our uniform laundry service can tackle them all...industrial, automotive, business, work wear.


Our towel cleaning service benefits several industries like gyms, massage therapy, spas, and salons. We will make sure that your towels smell fresh and clean for your clients.


Airbnbs generate a lot of laundry.  Our airbnb laundry service can take care of all of that laundry for you. We can wash your towels, sheets, blankets, and have them back to you before your next guests arrive. You can schedule regular pickups online.

Our professional laundry service uses only the best equipment and products when washing your laundry. Unlike other industrial laundry services, we never use low-cost bulk detergents and products. Super Suds uses premium, name-brand products. Every item is handled with care and then folded or hung on a hanger and wrapped in plastic to seal in that freshly laundered, clean smell. We even deliver it with a smile.

Interested in our commercial laundry service? We offer special pricing to our commercial customers. Please click here to request a bid.

Now servicing Long Beach, the South Bay, and Orange County. See our service area page for a full listing of the areas that we service.

Commercial Medical Laundry
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