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Who actually uses pickup and delivery laundry service?

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We all know that commercial businesses that have laundry needs use a laundry service. Our vans go to their business and pick up their dirty laundry. But now residential clients are using our pickup and delivery services even more than commercial clients! So, who is it that decides that they don't want to spend their weekend doing laundry and has Super Suds picking up their clothing every week or two? Is it only the wealthy who use this service?

When I check our customer list, I am always surprised to see that there is not a specific demographic that uses pickup laundry service for their laundry needs. We have a lot of singles that just don't think doing laundry is worth doing with their limited time off work. We have families with lots of clothes and lots of kids. Mom and Dad would rather spend the weekend doing activities with the children than taking half a day to do laundry. We have highly professional doctors and lawyers who would rather bill an extra hour than to take time off to wash their own clothes. We have customers in large homes and many in small apartments. The one thing they have in common is the lack of time and the desire to enjoy their limited time off. That's where we come in handy. We can take this chore off their hands. All they have to do is schedule the pickup and we will do the rest. 

Our launderers sort the clothes by whites, lights, and darks. They are trained for weeks before they are allowed to work on their own. They will fold your clothes neater than you will fold your own! They will hang collared shirts and long pants. Our laundromat is one of the few that uses Ozone to sanitize your clothes. So, if you could use a few hours of extra time, you might want to schedule a pickup and try us! But be careful--you may find that you never want to do your own laundry again!!!