Every Washing Machine now includes Ozone to better clean and disinfect your laundry.

Super Suds Laundromat is now offering Ozone by Articlean.   So, what is Ozone and why did we decide to put in this system?

Ozone is “active oxygen”  It is a water purifier that destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and other contaminants leaving your clothing completely sanitized.  It also sanitizes the washing machine during and after each use.  

Ozone kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  It is included FREE with every washer and laundry service.  Hospitals use this same system for sanitizing.  You can’t get a cleaner, more sanitary wash anywhere!

It is “green” and safe for the environment.  Use your normal detergent, bleach, and softener.  But use COLD water.  Ozone works best in cold water.  An added benefit is you will find your clothing last longer and retains its color better when you use cold water.  Normally, people use hot water to kill the germs, but with Ozone, the cold water will kill them better! 

OZONE Kills Bacteria in the Washers and the Linen throughout the wash cycle.

Every Load that is washed is Sanitized ....

Every Time the Washer is Used,

the Machine is Sanitized...

You can be assured that there will NOT be any Bacteria Left in the Washers from a Previously Washed Load.

Super Suds uses Ozone in all of our machines.  Whether you wash your clothing yourself or we do your wash and fold, your clothing will be sanitized with our ozone system.