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Emerging Trends In The Laundry Business – Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service on The Rise

Super Suds Pickup Delivery Van with door open and laundry

There is a new trend in washing clothes.  Rather than coming to the laundromat and washing your clothes, many people are dropping off their clothing and having the laundromat wash, dry, and fold them. And now many laundromats like Super Suds are actually going to your home to pick up your clothes and bring them back the next day all laundered and folded.

So, what brought about this change?  Why are so many people not doing their own laundry?  Part of it is the millennial culture.  It is a new generation and they think differently from past generations.  They work hard and work long hours.  When they have a day off, doing laundry is not what they want to do.  A day off means relaxation or doing something fun.

And there are professionals who earn more in an hour than what they could save by washing their own clothes.  It doesn’t make sense for them to do their own laundry.

Today, more and more people are having their food delivered to them.   Amazon has replaced shopping in malls.  You can have your groceries delivered to your door.  Now, you can have your laundry picked up, washed and folded and delivered back to you in just a day! 

Life is busy.  You need to take short cuts to make your life easier.  Go about and do your work or go out and play.  Laundry is our business.  Let us do yours!