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Pickup & Delivery

August 23, 2022

Super Suds will launder and sanitize your sports team unifoms

Get your sports team uniforms cleaned and sanitized with Super Suds' pickup and delivery service.

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Pickup & Delivery

October 08, 2021

What is Green Dry Cleaning?

Why has Super Suds moved to Green Dry Cleaning? Because it's safe for you and the environment.

Pickup & Delivery

April 07, 2021

New Machines at Super Suds!!

Super Suds has added 48 brand-new machines in all sizes. Save money and shorten your time at the laundromat with these new machines!


Pickup & Delivery

December 09, 2020

Super Suds is excited to offer weekly laundry service to a premiere Newport Beach Acupuncturist

Acupuncturists have always taken the utmost care to provide a clean and sanitized environment for their clients. The need for cleanliness has never been greater, which is why this acupuncturist reached out to Super Suds to clean and sanitize their...

Super Suds Pickup & Delivery Van

Pickup & Delivery

February 06, 2020

Emerging Trends In The Laundry Business – Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service on The Rise

There is a new trend in washing clothes. Rather than coming to the laundromat and washing your clothes, many people are dropping off their clothing and having the laundromat wash, dry, and fold them. And now many laundromats like Super Suds are...