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Super Suds will launder and sanitize your sports team unifoms

August 23, 2022

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The school year is starting and with it, sports. Super Suds launders football uniforms for local high schools in the area. We are experts in getting grass stains out of these uniforms. We launder the football uniforms and hang them up. We return them on the day and time that is requested

Even better, our laundromat uses OZONE, which is hospital grade sanitation. So, if MRSA or Covid is spreading around the locker room, our ozone wash will make sure that it doesn't spread in the laundry. We have laundered football uniforms for Wilson High School and currently we have the privilege to pickup and wash football uniforms for Bellflower High School and St. John Bosco High School!

So, if you are in change of a sports team at a high school, a college, or even a middle school, please contact Super Suds Laundromat. We include pickup and delivery as part of our service. Our laundry service extends to Orange County, South Bay, and all of the greater Long Beach area.

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